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Let your Light Shine with Permanent LED Displays in Toronto

Businesses are constantly evolving and thinking of the box to drive brand awareness. Embracing technology and new trends in exterior design is a marketing initiative hotels and restaurants use to resonate with patrons. Combining colour pairings with recognizable architectural design elements, businesses appeal to what customers know. Restaurants for example can go one step forward to use colours and light shows to attract customers to specific events such as sporting events or holidays. Bars and restaurants can reach passionate sports fans in Toronto by flashing blue and white for the Leafs and when the goal hits the back of the net, flash the red lights just like at the game!

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday in which bars typically have standing room only. Kelly green and orange lights will beckon those celebrating their inner Irish to the best party in town!

Professionally installed permanent LED displays in Toronto are also cost effective. LED lighting uses less power and requires less maintenance compared with traditional lighting. And with the easy-to-use controller, colour effects and dimming features are available at your fingertips. The system is maintenance free and is eco-friendly, appealing to a sense of corporate responsibility. Turn on the lights and fill the seats for your next event!
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Businesses across Toronto drive their brand through the unique use of LED light systems installed on rooftops and soffits. LED lights work effectively and provide appeal to the environmentally conscious. Professionally installed permanent LED displays on Toronto restaurants and bars also help to set themselves apart from the competition. Specific colour pairings and LED displays can enhance brand recognition among patrons. We are all attracted to lights and colours and permanent LED displays in Toronto are used effectively.

Often restaurants and bars will celebrate holidays like Christmas and Halloween. They can go the extra step by using permanent LED displays to salute the home team in different Toronto sporting events. Leafs Nation fans will know where to celebrate the latest win with blue and white lights lining the roof top. When the Jays hit a grand slam to win a spot in the playoffs, shine the lights bright and celebrate with the entire city!

Permanent LED displays are also eco-friendly. LED lights use less power and are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescents and require much less maintenance. Outdoor LED light strips do not "burn out” like traditional lighting systems do. Over time, they will simply dim – but the lifespan is upwards of 50,000 hours of light versus 1,000 hours. Connect with a professional installation company in Toronto and set your business apart with the use of brilliant light!